It takes more than a change of studio to stop the Cole Train, as the Gears of War favorite has been confirmed to return by his voice actor.

According to IGN, Lester Speight has confirmed that the fan favorite Augustus Cole, who was made in his likeness, will be returning in Black Tusk Studios' upcoming Gears of War title. That's right, the Cole Train of Thrashball has been confirmed to be back in the next Gears of War by the actor who voices him.

Augustus "Cole Train" Cole is the charismatic, famous sportsman who was a part of Marcus Fenix's Delta-One platoon throughout the events of the Gears of War series when it was being developed by Epic Games. We might have lost Dom and Marcus may have been disheartened at the end of Gears of War 3, but if Cole is returning, we can assume that Damon Baird and Clayton Carmine are going to be back as well. Here's to hoping we have series frontman Marcus Fenix return to lead the COGs to another war.

Black Tusk Studios' upcoming Gears of War title has no release window announced, but it is going to be exclusive to the Xbox One.