Hmm. That title had a lot of D's. Well, do you have a 3DS? Are you a fan of classic beat 'em ups?  And do you like female protagonists who wear such little armor that you wonder if they actually do want to get stabbed in the abdomen? If you answered 'yes' to these questions, then look forward to the digital release of Code of Princess next month!

A post on Destructoid sets the date of the digital download on January 3rd, 2013, when 3DS owners can head to the eShop to get their side-scrolling fix. Destructoid's own Chris Carter said, "Although it has its fair share of issues, it has a ton of heart, and should satisfy old school brawler fans," urging players to give it a try.

Apparently it's tough to find a physical copy of the game, though a listing on Amazon has it on sale for $29.99. There's no word on how much the download will cost, but we'll update you fight fans when it's announced. In the meantime, check out the character trailer below and decide whether this busty brawler is something you'd like to play.