Sid Meier has accumulated quite the impressive resume over the years; his name has become synonymous with rich, complex, strategic gaming, and with Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth, it looks like the once-grounded strategy series is taking to the stars.

Civilization: Beyond Earth takes some of the core elements of the series- exploration, faction diplomacy, city management, etc.- and wraps them up in a shiny new sci-fi package. Based on this newest trailer, veteran Civilization players should be able to jump right into Beyond Earth, and though newbies might feel overwhelmed, the straightforward presentation of gameplay elements new and old should help ease them into the complexities of managing cities in space.

One major departure for the series is the way players no longer choose a civilization with pre-determined strengths and weaknesses, but customize their own culture based on things like the sort of technology they used to reach space, what organization backed their expedition, and personal philosophy. Between the numerous ways in which you can customize your civilization and the randomization of environments, other cultures, and their behaviors, you can rest assured that every time you play Civilization: Beyond Earth, you'll be in for something different.

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth is due out Oct. 24 for PC.

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