We finally know when we'll get to get play this futuristic, turn-based expansion of the Civilization series.

Firaxis Games and 2K Games have announced the release date for Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth along with two new videos, with one being a behind the scenes look and another one featuring exclusive gameplay. Pre-ordering the game at participating retailers will give you access to the Exoplanets Map Pack, which features six custom maps.

The Exoplanets Map Pack features Keplet 186f, a forest planet similar to Earth; Rigil Khantoris Bb, an arid planet close to a burning star; Tau Ceti d, which is made of mostly seas and archipelagos; Mu Arae f, whose surface is half desert and the other half freezing; 82 Eridana e, a planet filled with earthquakes and very little water and Eta Vulpeculae b, a mystery planet with unknown contents.

Sid Meier's Civililization: Beyond Earth lands on Oct. 24 for PC.