Choice Provisions has been working on Laserlife for five years now, so it's just about time it finally came out with an update about the game.

Thanks to a new deal with Intel, Choice Provisions will finally be able to release the long in-development Laserlife. It describes the game as a, "psychedelic space game about a dead astronaut," and it will be developed in conjunction with Intel's RealSense technology. RealSense has been seen in many commercials with Jim Parsons from 'The Big Bang Theory'. You know, the ones where he basically sticks his hands in front of a computer screen and controls some jet planes? Yeah. RealSense will be bringing Laserlife gesture-based controls, "that [don't] suck." Choice Provisions is hugely excited to be working with Intel for what it calls an, "incredibly ambitious game."

It also seems that Intel is just as excited to be working with Choice Provisions. “We’re glad to have found a fun and creative technology partner in Choice Provisions with a proven track record who desires nothing more than to push the boundaries with Intel RealSense technology. They have us all waiting for Laserlife in eager anticipation!”, said Mooly Eden, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Perceptual Computing.

There's still no exact release date for Laserlife, but it will be coming out sometime this year for PC and will eventually be brought onto other platforms as well.

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