We seem to have a break in the storm and can enjoy a moment of respite before the rest of the Fall 2014 video game releases continue their rampage. Once more, our wallets can rest at ease.

This week in the Cheap Game Deals, we've got a handful of games released in the recent past that you may have missed, along with some fairly recent hits. They've received the ol' discount treatment and can give you that gaming fix you need while you wait for the rest of the releases this month. Our highlight? Infamous: Second Son. With the money you save on Delsin's adventures, you can get the DLC starring Fetch, one of the Conduits played by voice actress Laura Bailey. Check out the list below.

  • Infamous: Second Son (PS4)

    Reg. Price: $59.99/Sale Price: $39.99

    Join up with Delsin Rowe as he tours the city of Seattle while avoiding the DUP and their Conduit-capturing ways. His bid to save his tribe from a fate worse than death will have him getting new powers and running into a host of interesting characters.

  • BioShock Infinite (PS3/Xbox 360)

    Reg. Price: $19.99/Sale Price: $9.99

    Go on an adventure in the clouds with Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth as they try to escape the floating city of Columbia. Check out what it would look like if the concept of American exceptionalism was cranked up to 11.

  • Resident Evil: Revelations (Xbox 360)

    Reg. Price: $39.99/Sale Price: $17.65

    Get some prime time scares in Resident Evil: Revelations, a return to form for the series and its survival horror roots. Get on board the S.S. Queen Zenobia to find out what happened to the crew and to solve a mystery that's directly tied to the incident in Terragrigia.

  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PS3)

    Reg. Price: $19.99/Sale Price: $18.91

    The third Nathan Drake adventure ties into his past and gives us one of the most engaging journeys into Nate's character yet. Tell your friends to grab some popcorn and to get ready for a cinematic thrill ride.

  • MLB 14: The Show (PS4)

    Reg. Price: $59.99/Sale Price: $39.99

    Get your baseball on with MLB 14: The Show, on next-gen, now at $40. Create your own player and go through a whole career while enjoying some of the best physics for a baseball game we've seen.

  • Call of Duty Ghosts (PS4/Xbox One)

    Reg. Price: $59.99/Sale Price: $49.99

    There's not much to say about this title that hasn't already been said. Do you love your first-person shooter action? Do you like to play competitively online? Do you like a bunch of customization options? If you answered yes, then you owe it to yourself to experience this title, but online and off.

  • Watch Dogs Limited Edition (PS4/Xbox One)

    Reg. Price: $129.99/Sale Price: $78.99

    This is probably one of the best deals you'll find for the Watch Dogs Limited Edition, so jump on it while you can. You'll get the game in a Steel Book case, the official soundtrack, Aiden's Vigilante Mask, a 9-inch statue of the man himself and a hardcover artbook with 80 pages of concept art.

  • Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (PS3/Xbox 360)

    Reg. Price: $59.99/Sale Price: $9..99

    If you've been waiting to check out Ryu Hyabusa's enemy, Yaiba, then this will be your best chance to do it at a low price. Because who doesn't love a good game with zombies and ninja cyborgs?

  • Assassin's Creed: Ezio Trilogy (PS3)

    Reg. Price: $29.99/Sale Price: $19..17

    Follow the tale of Ezio, one of the greatest Assassins to ever live, in this trilogy pack. You'll get Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and then finish things off with Assassin's Creed: Revelations. This sprawling tale will gave you more than enough hours, and that's just covering Ezio's story!

  • The Sims 4 Limited Edition (PC)

    Reg. Price: $59.99/Sale Price: $50.45

    The latest iteration of the Sims boasts more emotionally-charged characters, more intuitive ways to build homes and the freedom to let your Sims' freak flags fly. Check out all of the new changes and let your Sims live out their lives for a cheaper price.

  • Batman: Arkham Origins (PS3/Xbox 360)

    Reg. Price: $39.99/Sale Price: $29.99

    Live through one of the Caped Crusader's earliest adventures, which ended up being a very eventful night. You'll witness some of the earliest interactions between the Dark Knight and members of the Rogues Gallery. Tasty, am I right?.