Any human worth a darn wants to be a hero, whether it's saving a damsel in distress or enacting a random act of kindness. Sometimes we channel our inner beast mode, and when the appetite to do bad overtakes us, a trip to Castle Doombad is a necessary and highly recommended evil. Nothing in this world is truly perfect, but if you're in love with the dark, break out your sword and follow my lead.

Castle Doombad has a pretty simple and diabolical premise: it's your job to carry out Dr. Lord Evilstein's plan to keep a beautiful princess in his keep. Armed with an array of weaponry and minions, you'll kill scores of honorable heroes determined to save the day and bring light into the world.

There are no happy endings in Castle Doombad, especially if tower defense titles are your specialty. With the use of earned currency, power ups, and an understanding of how to deploy your weapons of mass destruction, these do-gooders stand a ghost of a chance of succeeding, especially when a kick-ass missile is ready to eat them for breakfast.

Castle Doomsbad

Before the start of each level, you will choose your preferred traps and weapons. These items can be purchased and upgraded through the gold coins you amass during your battles. To access your firepower, tap on a weapon icon at the bottom of your screen, and slide it to the floor of your choice. It’s a control system that’s entirely easy to pick up, and considering the amount of adventurers you need to kill, tap and slide simplicity is the only way to go.

The weapon variety is one of Castle Doombad’s many selling points. Want to eat into your opponents’ flesh? Try the acid dripper. If you want some old school spearing and arrow slinging, try out the floor spikes or the harpoon cannon. My go-to killers are dark slayers known as minions, and once you place them on a select floor they will move and attack the nearest hero. In short, minions are mobile attackers, and if a certain floor is filled with too many fighters, depending on an immobile set of spikes is not your best option.

Castle Doombad

Along with intuitive controls, Castle Doombad understands innovative weapons and fighters will only add extra dimension to an action based experience. Whether it's freezing these Good Samaritans with a high powered air conditioner, installing a gooey acid machine next to a ladder, or sending a string of arrows their way, this tower defense title always managed to hold my captive attention.

Killing adventurers isn’t simply a linear experience with Castle Doombad. For example, sending a minion to chomp on a ninja isn’t the only way to skin the proverbial cat, especially since you have a ton of traps at your disposal. If your minion can’t kill an adventurer all by his lonesome, try sticking a treadmill in the hero’s path, and watch him jog his final lap.

Castle Doombad

I really loved Castle Doombad's deft mixture of intricate and addictive game play. It's a slam-bang journey that does so much good that sometimes breaking bad is the only way to go. Especially if a beautiful princess is your unwilling companion.

App Store Link: Castle Doombad for iPhone & iPad | By Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. | Price: $2.99 | Version: 1.01 | 93.3 MB | Rating 9+

9.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating

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