Time to put those creative caps on, Monster Hunter fans, because Capcom is running a weapon design contest for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

A post on the Capcom-Unity Blog provides information on the contest, which will allow players to design and name a weapon for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game.

The entry must be based on one of the 14 weapon classes in the game, which are as follows:

  • Sword & Shield
  • Dual Blades
  • Great Sword
  • Long Sword
  • Hammer
  • Hunting Horn
  • Lance
  • Gunlance
  • Switch Axe
  • Light Bowgun
  • Heavy Bowgun
  • Bow
  • Insect Glaive
  • Charge Blade

Each participant is only allowed one entry, so make sure you choose the right weapon for you. To participate, you must send the name and design of your weapon (as an illustration), via email to contest@capcom.com, using the subject line MH4U WEAPON DESIGN. You may even add a short description of the weapon under 100 words or so, but it is not required.

Two winners will be selected from the Americas and from Europe (including New Zealand and Australia), which means you'll need to indicate your country of origin in your entry. The contest ends on 9AM PDT on May 5. Check the link above for the terms and conditions to make sure that you don't get disqualified.