Capcom is soliciting your help to determine how it proceeds in the digital download space in the coming year.

Capcom's senior vice president Christian Svensson took to the company's Capcom Unity blog to announce a new survey to gauge fan interest in more digitally released titles. "There's no guarantees on what the outcomes will be," Svensson said. "But I promise you, this data will be a factor in our decision making process."

The survey asks some general questions about owned consoles, but then gets into the meat of subject, asking consumers which type of games they'd like to see more. Just about every single Capcom franchise is up for a possible digital title, whether its an HD re-release of Ghosts 'n Goblins, or an entirely new Resident Evil entry. Don't worry fans, Mega Man is on the list, but curiously, so is the forgotten "gem" Dino Crisis.

Svensson said he'd be discussing the results with Capcom Japan before the end of the year, meaning there's a chance 2013 could see the announcement of new or revised Capcom games you helped get made.