The NorCal Regional event of the Capcom Pro Tour had to restart an entire tournament bracket due to the wrong version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 being used.

The Daily Dot reports that during Capcom's Pro Tour, it was found out that a total of four matches at the NorCal Regional event this past weekend were played with the wrong version of Ultra Street Fighter 4. Unfortunately, the only solution that the Capcom staff could come up with was to have each match re-played. While most of the matches ended up with the same result and the winners just had to prove once more that they deserved the position, the match between Du "Nuckledu" Dang and Ryota "Kazunoko" Inoue ended up with a different result, with Dang, who lost in the original match up, advancing over Inoue.

The problem came about because a Smash Bros. tournament was held at the same event, which meant one of the Xbox systems being used was unplugged. After being plugged back in, the system defaulted to the Ultra Street Fighter 4 disc inside the system, messing up the four matches between the top 16 contestants by having them play with outdated builds of the game.

John Choi, the tournament organizer, ended up taking the blame for the discrepancy and paid for Inoue to attend a different Capcom Pro Tour event in California. Inoue ended up placing in seventh while Dang placed third. Daigo Umehara was the ultimate winner of the contest and was closely followed by runner-up Bruce "Gamerbee" Hsiang.

Both Umehara and Hsiang are notable Street Fighter champions and their wins proved to their fans that they won't be pushed into the background like so many before them.

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