A live demo of Street Fighter V at the Capcom Cup finals ended with the return of the man who taught Guile everything he knows.

IGN reports that yesterday's Capcom Cup finals in San Francisco concluded with some serious competition, The final bracket of the Ultra Street Fighter IV Capcom Pro Tour was held in San Francisco. During this event, Evil Genius crew member Yusuke Momochi defeated the EVO 2013 Super Street Fighter IV champ Xo Kun Xian after returning from the loser's bracket to win the big one. Longtime fighting scene favs like Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara were sent home early as Momochi beat the last four Street Fighter EVO champions in one night. Beating Xian 3-1, Momochi won a grand prize of $30,000.

After the finals were all set, Capcom provided a live demonstration of Street Fighter V, letting the crowd watch some full matches between Ryu and Chun-Li in the same level we saw during the game's unveiling. Kotaku reports that the live demo concluded with the same trailer we saw last week for SFV, but with a neat twist at the end of it. After Ryu ends the trailer with his Denjin Hadoken, a teaser cutscene shows Charlie Nash picking up his glasses and getting ready to join the fight. That's right, Guile's best friend and mentor from the Street Fighter Alpha series is back.

While no launch window is in sight, Street Fighter V will be debuting exclusively for PC and PlayStation 4.