The rumors are true; Street Fighter V is coming exclusively (on consoles) to the PlayStation 4. You can see the first gameplay footage now.

Announced with great fanfare, Street Fighter V will only be available on consoles on the PlayStation 4. Sony is helping Capcom produce the sequel, which will also be available on PC. This is important because Street Fighter V will, for the first time, allow cross-platform play. That means you will be able to play SFV with your friends playing on PC.

Of course, it's easy to assume Capcom will release Street Fighter V on another console, but Yoshinori Ono seemed rather confident that this iteration of Street Fighter V would only be available on PS4 for the duration of the console's life. Kind of like how Resident Evil 4 was only available on Gamecube... until it was altered just slightly to be made available on other consoles.

The gameplay demo above is in the early stages, but does look impressive. There will be more on when to expect Street Fighter V later this year.