Guile, Rose and Sagat are just a few of the characters Capcom has detailed in the latest set of breakdown videos showcasing the changes in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Capcom has released another set of videos narrated by Peter "Combofiend" Rosas which details the move list changes made to some of our favorite Ultra Street Fighter IV characters. These videos show some of the fundamental reasons why changes were made in the first place, such as characters being overpowered or underpowered. The clips then go on to show how they were changed and to what extent. The house of the Hadouken has been focusing really hard on trying to balance its roster, and these videos are a sign of that.

We have provided the character breakdown videos for Sagat, Guile, Rose, Seth and Juri. It's rather interesting to see the approaches Capcom has taken in order to change these fighters. Nevertheless, we will see just how different these characters are when Ultra Street Fighter IV releases as an expansion for Super Street Fighter IV (both regular and Arcade Edition), on June 3 for PlayStation 3 and June 4 for Xbox 360. Standalone copies of Ultra Street Fighter IV will launch on Aug. 8.