A new trailer for the upcoming Wild West shooter, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, has been posted. It features footage of bounty hunter Silas Greaves, the main character, shooting up some famous outlaws in the name of justice -- and vengeance.

And who doesn't like a good 'ol fashioned cowboy shootout, right? The upcoming game from Techland and Ubisoft features stand offs with legendary criminals from the West such as Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and John Wesley Harding. As a bounty hunter, Silas is tasked with hunting down these mythical outlaws and laying down some cold, hard justice.

The screenshots below show Billy the Kid and some of the locales you'll see in the game, such as a gold mine and an old steamboat stuck in a swamp. There's also a shot of Silas making use of dual Colt .45 revolvers in true Wild West flavor.

Watch the trailer below and let us know if this gets you excited for this western adventure! No release date has been set yet, but we'll let you know when more information is announced.