Sledgehammer Games is coming out with its second big DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare very soon for Xbox consoles.

'Ascendance' is the name of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's second DLC pack that the general public will have access to very soon. Season Pass owners got early access to the two new, exclusive guns that will be coming with this DLC on March 3 and now its everyone else's turn to play with the new toys.These two exclusive weapons include the OHM light machine gun/shotgun hybrid and the OHM Werewolf custom variant. There will be four new multiplayer maps and a new Exo Grapple ability with this new DLC. You can check out descriptions of the four new maps below:

  • Perplex: This map will take you to a five-story modular apartment complex. It's a small to medium sized map that packs a big punch with mid-match construction drones that will be shifting everything you thought you knew around.
  • Site 244: The cargo of an alien spacecraft is now scattered everywhere after a crash near Mt. Rushmore. The medium to large three-lane map will allow for a wide variety of gameplay with the advantage of the map-based scorestreak that will crack open an alien spore to enhance your perks and exo abilities.
  • Climate: This lush utopia will be climate-controlled to your pleasure... or displeasure. It's a small to medium sized circular map that will have you thinking you're a participant in the second Hunger Games as  you rush around trying to kill as many people as you can before the environment turns deadly.
  • Chop Shop: This medium sized map takes place on the black market where you will take part in fast-paced shootouts that will activate the map-based scorestreak. This will unlock an Advanced Repulsion Turret that will help to lock down key areas.

The 'Ascendance' DLC of Advanced Warfare has a launch date of March 31 for Xbox One and Xbox 360, which means it will launch on Xbox first than any other platform. PlayStation and PC users will just have to wait for their own release date, which will likely debut in April or May. 'Ascendance' costs $15 or you can buy the Season Pass bundle for $49.99.

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