It’s clear from the title that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is all about high-tech weapons. While previous trailers for the game have given us a glimpse of the futuristic ordinance to which we’ll have access, today’s Future Tech & Exoskeleton trailer gives some solid details about the game's advanced weaponry.

Glen Schofield, GM and co-founder of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer, Sledgehammer Games, described several of the game’s high-tech toys, including the Mobile Barricade, a shield that syncs with soldiers, swinging around to defend them and opening up to allow them to shoot through it, and Threat Detection Grenades, which reveal the position of unseen enemy forces. Directed Energy Weapons will be a new weapon class in Advanced Warfare, and Schofield describes them as “powerful and fun.” Hoverbikes and Hovertanks will also appear, traversing land and water with ease and speed.

Perhaps the most important piece of near-future tech in Advanced Warfare is the Exoskeleton. Soldiers will don powerful mechanical body frames that allow them to jump higher and run faster than any unaided human ever could. The Exoskelton also increase the user’s strength, allowing them to hurl enemies and rip car doors off to use as shields. It will also feature special Exo-abilities, like the speed-boosting Overdrive and wall-climbing, which is shown in the video, but not mentioned by Schofield.

The video closes out with a pre-order deal that offers early adopters an exclusive Advanced Arsenal. No details were given, but a gold-colored Exoskeleton and pistol are shown. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is scheduled for a Nov. 4 release on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.