While Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare debuted last month to great reviews, Sledgehammer Games wants to make it even better with a new patch that fixes and updates over 100 items.

Polygon reports that Sledgehammer released a new patch for Advanced Warfare on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that is coming soon for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. This update will include changes to over 100 items throughout the game.

Since its release a month ago, Sledgehammer has been celebrating as well as watching the way that fans expand the game in ways the developers never would have dreamed of. Sledgehammer has also been, "[using] this time as an opportunity to focus on the little things that would make a big difference to our community." Specifically, it has "included weapon balancing tweaks, fixes, and improvements for emblems, improvements within the Player Lobby..., map exploit fixes, spawn improvements, connectivity optimizations, improvements to [its] anti-cheat measures, and even more."

Weapon Balancing Updates (Note: adjustments affect base weapon and all loot variants):

  • Bal27: damage reduced, max damage range decreased, recoil adjusted
  • HBRa3: max damage range decreased
  • ASM1: max damage range increased
  • MP11: max damage range increased
  • EM1: damage increased
  • EPM3: damage increased, ads time decreased
  • XMG: damage increased, lockdown mode increased
  • Ameli: damage increased
  • Pytaek: damage increased

You can find all the other updates on Call of Duty's official website.

No need to fix those gun noises though: