Capcom has partnered with for their upcoming Capcom Pro Tour, with proceeds from T-shirt sales contributing to a rising pot for the biggest prize on the tour: The Capcom Cup.

The Capcom Pro Tour website has details on the collaboration, including a link to the first few T-shirts available on the tour. The publisher pulled in two of TeeSpring's community desigers to create the shirts, including the official Pro Tour above and a few others, with more designs coming in the future.

As far as the customer contribution to the winners' wallets, Capcom says, "The Capcom Cup will have a baseline prize pool of $50,000 split among the top three finishers like so: 1st Place: $30,000, 2nd Place: $15,000, and 3rd Place: $5,000. Sales of all merchandise will only push these numbers higher and higher so support your favorite players by picking up shirts!"

This is an awesome promo, as we love the idea of buying shirts to help increase the prize for the overall winner, but it helps that some of the shirts are awesome. Check out this Rose tee for the upcoming tournament in the UK, or the sick Akuma shirt with the kanji on the back. We think were going to have some new items in our wardrobe pretty soon.