According to Bungie, Destiny offers the same excellent gameplay on current-gen systems, has its own unique mythology and should not be labelled as an MMO.

In a recent interview with our affiliates at KTEM NewsRadio 14, Bungie community manager David Dague has explained many features and details in regards to his company's highly anticipated return to the first-person shooter genre, Destiny. Dague explains that the overall player experience for Destiny will be just as good on current-gen, or legacy consoles, as it will on next-gen systems.

"A Guardian on the PlayStation 4 will have the same experiences as a Guardian on the PlayStation 3. They'll move, they'll fight, they'll evolve, in all in the same ways. The matchmaking will work on all the different systems. The progression will be on the same on all the different systems ," Dague said. "What makes the versions on the next-gen consoles different, and they are different versions of the game, is that we can take all that brand new firepower for building this big beautiful world, and aim it right at the player."

Dague explains that next-gen consoles will be much more detailed compared to the legacy consoles. He claims you will be able to see where your extra money went for buying a next-gen system, whether it is watching the sunset in real time, watching reflections in the water or noticing Destiny's dynamic shadow graphics.

In terms of being an massively multiplayer online game, Dague explains Bungie did not want to label Destiny as one. He states that are certain misconceptions and expectations, such as subscription fees and other mechanics, that people would attach with Destiny, but Bungie did not want to sell them an experience they are not able to live up to.

As seen with Halo, Bungie has an elaborate history with science fiction-based story. Dague claims that Bungie originally wanted Destiny to be a more traditional fantasy title, with knights, castles and all the other tropes of medieval stories. These themes were changed but their essences did translate over to the futuristic setting of Destiny, such as magic being a weapon, Warlocks and being a knight on a mission instead of being a super soldier/space marine.

Lastly, Dague mentions that fans of all genres will be able to find something they like in Destiny. Fans of MMOs, open world exploration, role-playing games, first-person shooters and player-vs-player combat will all be able to find something they absolutely love about Destiny.

Destiny will debut on Sept. 9 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The beta begins on July 16 on the PlayStation 4 platforms, with the Xbox getting it a short time later.