What's up, bronies and pegasisters? If you've been dreaming of a My Little Pony game for your iPhone and iPad, THEN YOUR DREAM HAS NOW BECOME A REALITY.

Gameloft recently announced that My Little Pony will be coming to iOS! Now every fan of My Little Pony will be able to fly with their favorite Pony on their iPhone or iPad! You'll be able to create your own Ponyville with Twilight Sparkle and Spike. The game will also include Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and more. Bet they didn't have that at Bronycon!

No word on when the game is going to be released, probably sometime this fall, but there are some great screenshots for all of you Bronsters to check out. If you're feeling really good about this news, then enter to win a My Little Pony iPod Touch! Ride it, my brony!