This trailer for Spider Studio's newest role-playing game has us screaming, "Flame on!"

Bound by Flame is an action-role-playing game set in a world where Icelords threaten the sanctity of life. Luckily, your character gets possessed by a demonic fire demon in order to provide the necessary fuel to burn them all down.

A producer at Spiders Studio on the PlayStation Blog announced some of the details in regards to this inferno of a quest. As armies of the undead have been brought back to life by the seven lords of ice, you must take them on with your newly-found demonic powers, with a variety of ways to get get the job done.

Your character will have full customization in regards to the detail in his/her armor and weapons, offering you to optimize your fighting to your play style. Players can choose to level up their melee abilities, ranged attacks or demonic firepower (Bound by Flame's version of a mage). In BioWare style, you will have party members to help you along the way, and your interactions with your team will result in serious changes to your character's personal story. For example, falling in love with one character might cause the ice-wielding, villainous party member to hate you even more. We must admit, this is looking to be one of the most impressive action-based RPGs we have ever encountered.

Bound by flame is due for a Q2 2014 release for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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