Mokus Games is following up its award-winning mobile game with a multiplayer RTS where you basically play little green dudes that look like lobster claws.

Up and coming game developer Mokus Games made its debut with the incredibly popular mobile game, Contre Jour. Now it's back for more with its new game Boid. Boid will be a futuristic game revolved around quick thinking and decision making. It will feature the same kind of problem-solving theme as Mokus' first game, but with a completely different take.

Boid will have many different classes that you can choose from which will also determine if you look like an itty bitty lobster claw or not. The main objective of the game will be to kill all of the red players in your vicinity. Rounds will only last a matter of minutes so players will have to be as quick with their minds are they are with their hands.

Boid will be coming to Steam Early Access on Jan. 8.