The Sony Gamescom 2014 press conference started with some gritty, gory gameplay with the debut of the first-ever Bloodborne gameplay footage.

The trailer shows off some of the intense close-quarters combat we can expect from Miyazaki's next adventure, with a style much more agile and free-moving than the Dark Souls block-and-wait method. The transformative weapon is shown, switching from a small quick blade to a large cleaver for two very different styles of combat, as well as the shotgun the main character holds which merely stuns enemies without damaging them.

The creatures shown off range from human-sized townsfolk to gigantic beasts with sharp fangs, and none of them look particularly friendly. The more we see of Bloodborne and its world, the more we want to jump in and get killed over and over again. It's the same way Dark Souls made us feel, which makes us confident that Bloodborne will be just as exciting.

Bloodborne is due out in early 2015 for PlayStation 4.