From the demonic mind of Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki comes Bloodborne, a stylish action game infused with a double dose of darkness.

A new trailer for the upcoming horror-filed game debuted at the Golden Joystick Awards last week. Set in the gothic city of Yharnam, Bloodborne has players in control of a skilled traveler hunting for rare medicine behinds Yharnam's ruined walls, battling it out with lycanthropes, undead, and the like in the hopes of finding a cure for the mysterious illness which plagues them. From the looks of things, they may have been better off going to a free clinic instead.

Those familiar with the Souls series will probably see a similar framework to Bloodborne's action, but, as you can see in the trailer, this game emphasizes fast-paced maneuvers over laboriously careful play. Don't expect to rock a shield and one-handed weapon through all of Bloodborne; here your only options are weapons. Dual melee, two-handers, and firearms are all part of the arsenal, with each having their own distinct strengths and weaknesses to match your playstyle.

Bloodborne will be available on the PlayStation 4 on Feb. 6, 2015.