Think about your finest achievement in gaming, the one thing you've done in one of your favorite video games that few others can also claim. Take that accomplishment and toss it, because some guy just played through the entirety of Bloodborne, over-the-top difficulty and all, using only a Fender Stratocaster Rock Band guitar controller.

The video above from the gbbearzly's YouTube channel features the Shadows of Yharnam boss fight, one of the game's more intense battles, and there sits Lord Bearzly in his desk chair, guitar controller in hand, as he best all three Shadows in mere minutes. His dexterity and patience under pressure is truly impressive, especially in his ability to resist smashing that guitar to smithereens at any point in the playthrough. He admits that the Shadows battle is "a hectic boss fight and one of the ones that is harder with poor movement/camera controls" and that he "choked several times" before getting it right,.

In case you ever want to test your might at this challenge, bearzly has even provided a picture of how he mapped his guitar controller to best suit the controls of the game, helping you emulate exactly how he does it. Not only is he a transcendent Bloodborne player, but he's also kind enough to share his methods. What a stand-up guy, for a crazy person who plays incredibly difficult video games with unconventional controllers for kicks.

The entire Rock Band controller playthrough has been archived on his Twitch channel, so go check it out if you want to see how a real Bloodborne challenge plays out.

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