Blizzard has gone to great lengths to ensure that 'Warcraft' breaks the long-standing stereotype of video game-based movies.

MMO-Champion has provided a summary of the Blizzard's panel about the upcoming 'Warcraft' film during BlizzCon 2014. Director Duncan Jones ('Moon,' 'Source Code') hosted the panel and explained that his team tried to plan the movie in many different ways (such as focusing on the Humans and making the Orcs seem like evil invaders), but decided to focus on telling the stories of the heroes of both factions of the great war, "50% Alliance, 50% Horde." Due to the massive lore and evolving stories throughout all of the Warcraft series (including WoW), they decided to start by telling the story of the first Warcraft game, which could set off an ongoing series based on the movie's success or just help tell the backstory of a PC classic that many fans may have skipped back in the 1990s. Blizzard feels very content with the movie, and ILM was used to make the motion capture scenes as lifelike as possible.

The announced lineup of actors and actresses set to appear in 'Warcraft' included the following:
  • Lothar - Travis Fimmel ('Vikings')
  • Durotan - Toby Kebbell ('Dawn of the Planet of the Apes')
  • Medivh - Ben Foster ('Lone Survivor')
  • Gul'dan - Daniel Wu ('Europa Report')
  • Lady Taria - Ruth Negga ('Breakfast on Pluto')
  • Orgrim - Robert Kazinsky ('True Blood')
  • King Llane - Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark in the Marvel movies)
  • Blackhand - Clancy Brown ('The Shawshank Redemption')
  • Khadgar - Ben Schnetzer ('The Book Thief')
  • Garona - Paula Patton - ('Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol')

Surprisingly, the panel revealed that Paula Patton's depiction of Garona, the female half-Orc half-Draenei assassin, was filmed without the use of motion capture. In other words, Patton played Garona using practical effects.

‘Warcraft’ is expected to hit theaters on March 11, 2016. Check the pictures below for some display photos of the actual costumes used in the movie as well as a rough image of what Dominic Cooper looks like as King Llane.