Block based puzzle games are all over the iOS App Store. In fact, they're all in a bigger economic black game themselves. All of their app icons are jostling for place within the wilds of your device's home screen. Blitz Blocks Robo is the newest addition to the fray, but will it be the missing piece for your iOS games or will it be the brick that brings it all tumbling down?

Block games are simple, we've all seen them before. Since the beginning of gaming other titles have tried to dethrone Tetris or improve on the formula of Breakout. But, most have failed. Blitz Block Robo is the newest incarnation to try something new. But like many of the others, it doesn't transcend the granddaddy of them all.

Essentially, you're given a screen full of blocks of different colors to slide around and try to match them up so they can disappear. Do this while keeping the clock going as long as you can. There are other “dead” blocks that you have to destroy with multiple taps to get them out of the way. Bomb blocks also explode and convert all the surrounding blocks to dead ones, unless you diffuse it by holding your finger on it. Glitch blocks, when used, swap up the level layout to hopefully make things easier for you. The gameplay is fast-paced, more so than even some action games. Regardless of what difficulty level you’re on, the blocks keep appearing almost as fast as you can frantically tap. It makes for exciting gameplay, but it can also become frustrating.

For example, you’ll find yourself trying multiple times to try and move a block. Problem is, the touch controls are not that responsive. For the game to require such fast paced gameplay, it needs to have the controls to match. If you’re going to make a touch twister of a title, it needs to respond better to a flick of the finger.

There is also a distinct lack of style to the title that can be somewhat disconcerting. It looks like a simple little block game and nothing more. It doesn’t have much to set it apart besides the somewhat unique twist on gameplay. In fact, it looks a bit boring. When you set aside your phone, you’ll never remember what it looked like. It simply doesn’t matter.

There is nothing wrong with Blitz Block Robo, it does everything it sets out to do, but it feels like it lacks ambition. Different game modes to switch up the formula a little bit would be more than welcome to help flesh out gameplay. There could be a mode where you need to remove all the blocks within a certain number of moves. This would make for a welcome slowdown from the status quo.

There are a lot of block based puzzle games in the App Store, but Blitz Block Robo seems to be just another one to fit in the endless pile. While it is a uniquely shaped puzzle block, it is still just another one buried under a number of games that are much more worthy of your puzzle solving time.


Store Link: Blitz Block Robo for iPhone & iPad | By Nexus Game Studio
| Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0 | 11.9 MB | Rating 4+

6.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating