Do you want to dip back into the high-flying adventure that is BioShock Infinite but feel it's too easy now? Get ready for a challenge, because 1998 Mode is coming!

An announcement on the Irrational Game site announced 1998 Mode, a difficulty setting coming to BioShock Infinite's second episode of Burial at Sea on March 25.

You might remember 1999 Mode from BioShock Infinite proper, which amped up the difficulty considerably and provided a huge challenge even for veteran first-person shooter fans. 1998 Mode will take the challenge one step further by limiting players to using only non-lethal tools.

This difficulty was born out of Burial at Sea, Episode Two's focus on stealth and silence. The crew at Irrational Games found that players we self-imposing rules that stressed non-lethal takedowns. So now we have 1998 Mode to really test how well we can survive using only non-lethal means of dispatching our enemies in the next add-on. It'll be a wild ride, but one we're willing to sneak through quietly.