We love when a game company can take some time to poke fun at itself. Bethesda has shown they have a pretty sharp sense of humor with this collaboration with The Onion on the customization options of The Elder Scrolls Online.

In the video, Onion tech reporter Bryce Markle talks about unprecedented customization options in ESO, allowing players to customize their characters' internal organs and nervous systems. It's a funny poke at the insanely detailed customization options of MMOs like The Elder Scrolls Online, though we're not against the idea of being able to control our characters' basic chemistry.

We hope this video acts as a stepping stone for other companies to join with The Onion for some lampooning. We'd like to see a video about Donkey Kong's banana hoarding, a medical report on people infected with the zombie virus in any of the many zombie games, or how about a Love Connection-esque game show with the characters of Mass Effect?

Maybe Bethesda can add these hyper-customizable features into the console versions of The Elder Scrolls Online, which was recently delayed to the upcoming holiday season. It would certainly convince us to dive back in after playing it on PC. We're not sure exactly what we would do to our characters with that kind of access, but we're more than happy to find out.

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