Those wonderful relics of '90s gaming, ToeJam and Earl, have been resurrected with the release of the beta version of ToeJam and Earl 3 for Dreamcast.

According to Game Informer, someone by the username of ZakhooiTM has made the unreleased Dreamcast version of the game available online for download. Apparently the beta version was found on a Dreamcast devkit that was bought via eBay.

As Game Informer points out, ZakhooiTM does not have permission from the owners to release the content, but it is being done without the intent of making a profit. ZakhooiTM has also made it clear that the game should not be sold or reproduced on a disc. Those who wish to compensate ZakhooiTM for their work in completing the game and making it available are being asked to donate to the Mardan School, a non-profit school, via this link.

You can check out ZakhooiTM's project on the Assembler Games forums here.

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