Best Buy has dealt a crucial blow to scalpers by implementing some limitations on how to buy the exclusive Dark Pit amiibo this month, and we feel every retailer should follow it.

The dark clone of Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising will be making his amiibo debut in a few weeks, and Best Buy hopes to avoid the shenanigans that plagued Nintendo's recent releases. While Nintendo usually maintains a consistent stock of its core figures (the ones the company thinks would sell the most), such as Pikachu, Donkey Kong, Mario, Link and Yoshi, fans, gamers and collectors have been having a lot of trouble trying to get the figurines that weren't being made on a consistent basis. With an amiibo being released for all 50+ characters of Super Smash Bros. and other Nintendo games getting their own figures as well, such as Mario Party 10 and Splatoon, it's getting difficult to collect them allUnfortunately, Nintendo didn't foresee that some figures would sell out quite faster than others, and a number of amiibo are being sold for marked up rates by scalpers and people who bought the figures in bulk just to resell them to fans and collectors for higher rates. For example, the Marth amiibo's average price on eBay is more than double its original cost.

Best Buy has decided to implement some new rules for its upcoming exclusive amiibo, Dark Pit, and we're hoping that all the other major retailers out there take note of what Best Buy is doing. For starters, Best Buy isn't allowing pre-orders or online purchases for the figure — you must visit your local Best Buy store on July 31 to score a Dark Pit. There's also a limit of one Dark Pit amiibo purchase per customer that day. In all honesty, I was kind of hoping to buy two: one for my collection and one to open and use. Nevertheless, this will still help my chances of being able to score one at all.

Here's what Best Buy representatives had to say about Dark Pit:

Word to the wise: Get to your local Best Buy store early because there will be limited quantities as they will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis with a limit of one per customer. Also be on the lookout for offers on Nintendo products that day [July 31].