Like Wal-Mart before it, Best Buy is cancelling pre-orders of the Destiny Ghost Edition on those who thought they were able to get their orders in, victims of a company who over-reserved the highly sought after collector's package.

VG247 is reporting that some Best Buy customers on r/DestinyTheGame have received emails that explains that "there is an issue with the pre-order" and that the retailer is "unable to fulfill all of the pre-orders received." You can read an example of the email here.

It seems a new epidemic plaguing the gaming retail circuit is the inability to check how many of each collector's edition they'll be receiving before opening pre-orders to customers. While Best Buy is offering a $50 off coupon to those affected, the ability to buy a new game for $10 doesn't replace the limited edition that customer thought they'd be receiving. Not doing your homework only results in hurt customers and a lessened public image, which is something no company can afford. Why there's not some kind of, "Hey we're reaching our limit for pre-orders maybe we should turn this off for now," code in the supply system for these big chains, we'll never understand.

Destiny launches Sept. 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.