Loneliness and bonding come to an inferno of a clash in Firewatch.

Campo Santo's official blog has officially announced that its first game is going to be called Firewatch. Firewatch's official website says that the game is a first person, exploratory mystery set in the vast forests of Wyoming. In Firewatch, you'll get to play as a fire lookout worker named Henry, who has retreated from a negative life in order to start working a job much closer to nature and away from most people.

The only other human you'll interact with in Firewatch is Henry's supervisor, Delilah, over a handheld radio. She'll be the only thing left to try and link you back to society as you will go explore something very strange that has inspired Henry to leave his lookout and investigate.

Currently, Campo Santo has stated that Firewatch is slated for a 2015 release on PC, Mac and Linux.