The man behind the lovely Bayonetta's return to action would love to continue her escapades with Nintendo.

In an interview with CVG, Yusuke Hashimoto, director for Bayonetta 2, spoke amicably in terms of Platinum Games' partnership with Nintendo and would love to continue to work with the Big N after the game's release. Hashimoto mentioned that Nintendo gave his team creative freedom to make Bayonetta 2 how they wanted and that the company's feedback inspired them to further the overall quality of the game.

"I feel that it's important to let your creativity flow and Nintendo has been able to provide us with the freedom to create what we had originally envisioned," Hashimoto said. "We were able to have a lot of back-and-forth between Platinum Games and Nintendo and they were able to provide objective feedback; 'Maybe that's a little too much', or, 'maybe you should try this'. I feel that was really good and helped push Bayonetta 2 to even higher quality."

Bayonetta 2's director mentioned that Platinum Games has not released many sequels, but admitted that there was a desire from both his studio and Nintendo to keep the Bayonetta series going.

"Should the opportunity arise I'd definitely like to keep nurturing this franchise," Hashimoto said. "It might not be me [directing], but should somebody else take over I would definitely be there to support and help just as [Hideki] Kamiya has for me. Though there's a chance I could direct in future as well!"

Bayonetta 2 will launch this October exclusively for Wii U and will also include a port of the original title, as well as unique Nintendo-themed costumes.