As Battlefield Hardline's closed beta is approaching its final days, Visceral Games has decided to open the floodgates and unlock every available weapon and gadget for testing.

Polygon reports that Battlefield Hardline's closed beta has had every accessible piece of gear and gun unlocked. This was done to test all the other finished guns and items players have yet to try as much as the starting gear to see that they are all balanced and working correctly.

PC and PlayStation 4 players who haven't gotten the time to try and unlock the beta's full arsenal can now just choose whatever they would like to use on their character. In order to access these new guns and pieces of equipment, simply go to the Loadout menu in the Battlelog, equip your character and join a match.

Battlefield Hardline will start the war between cops and robbers on Oct. 21 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.