We get a first look at Battlefield Hardline's Rescue multiplayer mode along with a full 12 minutes of gameplay from the game's main campaign.

This new trailer for Battlefield Hardline's Rescue multiplayer mode depicts a group of police taking on a group of criminals. The criminals have hostages locked up in a giant marijuana farm. The police must first sneak into the complex, stealthily take out as many criminals as they can, because they don't want to alert the other perpetrators that they have arrived. Plus you don't want to risk the criminals hurting or killing the hostages.

The additional 12-minute-long single-player campaign footage we found features you and your partner being kidnapped by a bunch of rednecks. There is a price on your head, so you get captured. After busting out of their base, you realize there are a lot more of these bad guys than you thought. You get to see how to use the tazer, how to arrest and how to grab another guy and use him as a human shield. It all looks very impressive.

For those who were complaining that Battlefield 4's story was underwhelming, Wendy Calhoun, the writer of 'Justified' and 'Nashville', helped pen the story for Visceral Games. Also helping is Bill Johnson, who is a story editor for 'Justified' and 'The West Wing', acting as a performance director and editor for Hardline.

Hardline focuses on a pair of cops who end up being framed for a drug crime and must ward off police and criminals alike to clear their names. On the run from the cops, expect your character to shack up with some unsavory hombres. You will get to experience the best (and worst), of both the criminal underworld and law enforcement. You'll be going from the precinct to the meth labs in Hardline's crazy escapades. Hardline's cast includes Benito Martinez ('Sons of Anarchy'), Helly Hu ('Nash Bridges'), Eugene Byrd ('Bones') and Mark Rolston ('The Shield').

Get ready to play 'Bad Boys' by Inner Circle and apprehend some criminals when Battlefield Hardline launches in Q1 2015 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

We don't care if they're cops or robbers, just as long as they get their gun sound effects right.