Visceral Games is hoping to inject some life into the Battlefield series with a slightly different take on the formula in Battlefield Hardline. The new trailer is all about karma, though it's still an incredibly tone deaf time to be pushing this game.

Battlefield Hardline boasts new strategies, faster cars, and more people yelling at you in its newest trailer. While in Battlefield Hardline, you'll be a cop fighting some every day crime... if every day people were speeding away from cops in souped up cars, blowing up city blocks, and causing just as much, if not more, mayhem and destruction as the armies do in more typical Battlefield games.

Despite the break from the normal feel of the Battlefield franchise, there are tons of new features in Battlefield Hardline Visceral is hoping will have you engrossed in the action. In multiplayer, if you decide that being a straight shooter just isn't on your to-do list, you can play the side of the criminal. You can destroy whatever buildings you want to get away from those do-gooders and then escape on your zipline. There's definitely a lot of variety in how Hardline will play, but it'll be interesting to see how audiences respond given recent real world events and Battlefield's history with rough launches.

EA has openly admitted that its series will be returning to its military theme with the next entry. However, if you enjoy non-lethal take downs, super nifty gadgets and giving people the finger, this may just be the Battlefield for you. The game will release March 17 on just about every single conceivable platform.