Cops always confiscate the cool things. Luckily, Battlefield 4's Premium subscription service has returned, bringing all sorts of goodies for this badge-filled spin-off.

According to VideoGamer, multiple players in Battlefield Hardline's open beta have found signs of a Premium subscription service. Battlefield 4 Premium acted as its Season Pass, which allowed exclusive early access to its five expansion packs, multiplayer matchmaking priority, double XP weekends, special weapons/items, online strategy guides/videos, skins and camos and dog tags to wear. For those wondering, BF4 Premium cost $50 during its debut.

Certain locked items in Battlefield Hardline's beta have a description of "Premium subscribers will find these Patches in Silver and Gold Battlepacks," which also confirms the return of the surprise item bonuses from Battlefield 4. A few of the beta's loading screens referred to future expansion packs. EA may not have formally announced Battlefield Hardline's Premium subscription service yet, but with only a month to go, we have a feeling it will soon.

Battlefield Hardline will graduate from police academy and hit the streets on March 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Be ready for some premium sound effects: