Visceral Games has announced some major changes coming to Battlefield Hardline based on its player feedback from last week's beta.

The official Battlefield website has unveiled some new changes that are coming to Battlefield Hardline as a result of findings from its latest beta test. Hardline's beta resulted in a lot of feedback from players and observations from Visceral Games employees in regards to what needs to be changed in order to optimize this cops and robbers-based shooter.

In terms of changes, expect a 10 percent increased running speed and an additional 10 percent bonus to running while you have your pistol out. The camera has been changed to remove a bouncing effect that happens during suppression. The High Tension map has lost a glitch which had players clipping into walls and has lost its heavy camera shaking that happens when the level's crane falls. Heavy armored vehicles now have a weak spot added to the rear. Fuel trucks, handbrakes and various changes to the UI are being added into the game as well.

Battlefield Hardline is due for an Oct. 21 release for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Further beta testing will happen later this fall across all platforms.