Don't tell Steve Guttenberg, but police academy begins again next week in the form of Battlefield Hardline's open beta.

According to VG247, a listing for Battlefield Hardline's beta on the Xbox 360's online store revealed its release date. While it has yet to appear on any other official spot, not even on the Xbox One's store, Battlefield Hardline's next beta will be begin on Feb. 3. It is assumed Feb. 3 will be the launch date for the beta on other platforms as well. Ronku, EA's sponsored program that pays YouTubers for specific kinds of EA games coverage, recently sent out an email to its members, telling them of a Feb. 3 beta launch date. Visceral Games' weekly feature, 'This Season on Hardline' is expected to officially announce the beta's launch date to the masses later tonight.

Battlefield Hardline will be launching on March 17 for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Visceral Games