A new rumor suggests current Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers will gain access this fall's Battlefield 4 beta.

The only way to enter the Battlefield 4 beta as of now is with a copy of 2012's Medal of Honor: Warfighter. DICE had previously promised there would be additional ways to get into the beta, but hasn't announced any of those plans as of yet. With Battlefield 4's big reveal set to go down at this week's GDC, new reports have surfaced about one of those secondary methods.

According to Russian site MyBattlefield (translated by MP1st), the Russian version of EA's Origin lists "exclusive access to the beta version of Battlefield 4" for BF3 Premium subscribers. That wouldn't be such a shocking move, as granting access to the game's biggest supporters who are already paying to get more Battlefield would be a nice treat. Beta's don't feature a pay window, but anyone who hasn't already gotten BF3 Premium may now do so to get early access to BF4.

More details are expected to arrive Tuesday or Wednesday, but this is one rumor that seems incredibly feasible.