DICE may not be releasing Battlefield 3's End Game downloadable content until March 2013, but that doesn't mean they can't share some details about what will be included.

End Game, the final of five DLC packs that comprise Battlefield 3 Premium, is still on track to make its March release date. Until now though, little was known about what the DLC would entail. Perhaps because developer DICE is concerned about the world ending, it's decided to spill some crucial intel on the upcoming content.

Dirt bikes will make their debut in End Game, along with four new multiplayer maps designed for "high speed combat and action." Two more new vehicles are planned, though they weren't explained. The only thing we know is that they'll be new lightweight anti-aircraft vehicles. Dropships will also be added to the mix, meaning troops and vehicles can be deployed anywhere on the field when active.

The biggest addition coming though is the return of Capture the Flag. A staple of just about every multiplayer shooter, that it's been absent from Battlefield 3 this long is baffling. At least DICE will be incorporating it into playlists next spring.

End Game will be free for anyone who subscribed to Battlefield 3 Premium, and if previous DLC is any indication, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 owners will be able to buy the stand alone add-on for $15.