A brand-new gameplay trailer for Bethesda's upcoming 32-player PC brawler, Battlecry, has just debuted.

The video focuses on three of the game's classes: the Enforcer, the Tech Archer and the Duelist. As the name suggests, the Enforcer is a beefy, melee-based class with the highest health in the game. The Enforced also has the ability to transform his large sword into a shield, thereby upping his defensive capabilities.

The Tech Archer is a long-ranged damage dealer and can fire from a very far distance. While she's excellent at range, anyone who closes the gap will spell trouble for her. The Duelist is a rogue-like damage dealer who relies on stealth and speed to come out victorious in a fight. While they can dole out large amounts of damage, they also have the lowest armor rating of any class in the game.

Watch the video above to see the classes and action and to see some of the different game modes and movement options available in Battlecry, which is due for a 2015 release.