WB Montreal has announced a new collector's edition version of the upcoming sequel, Batman: Arkham Origins.

This October, Batman returns with a tale set during his formative years as Gotham's vigilante crimefighter. While a special or collector's edition version of the Arkham series has been released with each entry, we still hadn't heard if there would be one for Arkham Origins. Until Wednesday.

Included with the Batman: Arkham Origins collector's edition will be a state of Batman hoisting Joker high in the air. There will also be a 30-page art book and a metal case for the actual disc, as has become customary for every video game ever. An assassin's dossier of the 8 villains Black Mask has tasked with taking down the Bat is in there, too. You'll of course also get the Deathstroke challenge pack DLC, and a first appearance Batman skin. If you get the PlayStation 3 version, the Knightfall skin is included as well.

Now the sad part. So far, the collector's edition has only be announced for the U.K., where it will retail for £79.99. A U.S. version should be revealed shortly though, as there's no way we wouldn't get this version stateside.

Check out the whole package, and let us know if you'll be getting the collector's edition when it's available in the U.S.

WB Montreal
WB Montreal