The Ace Chemicals Trilogy of trailers for Batman: Arkham Knight concludes with the Dark Knight doing what he does best.

Batman has already taken out the Arkham Knight's men at the Ace Chemicals plant and wrecked his tanks with the Batmobile. Now, the Caped Crusader must prevent the Scarecrow from bombarding Gotham City with his fear-inducing toxins. Standing between Batman and the Scarecrow is one of Arkham Knight's military helicopters. It's cool to see the Batmobile take on a missile-filled attack chopper, but it's even cooler to see all the new melee combos and Fear Takedowns Batman can now do. It was also interesting to see Bruce use the Batmobile via remote control to solve puzzles and help him proceed into the compound.

We also get to see some special footage of the Scarecrow Nightmare DLC pack, which is a PS4 exclusive. Batman: Arkham Knight will launch for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 2, 2015.

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