Bandai Namco has taken one step closer to the Prince route by changing its name yet again. This time, it seems like it has a just reason for the change.

The artist formally known as Namco Bandai has changed its name yet again, Polygon reports. Bandai Namco has come out with a statement that, for the second time this year, it will be changing its name. Last January, Namco Bandai Games was changed to Bandai Namco Games. Now, it has a undergone yet another change in its nomenclature.

"With the start of its next Mid-term Plan in April 2015, the Company will change the names of its subsidiaries to widen the definition of their business field to entertainment without limiting them to the present field of games, thus aiming for further growth through new development of service and content businesses that utilize networks," a company representative said.

From what it said, it seems as though Bandai Namco is fully intending to branch out into new ventures outside of video games with its new name. The company will be going from Bandai Namco Games Inc. to Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Across its subsidiaries there will also be many companies that are going to reflect this change. You can see all of them listed below.

Hopefully, this means that Bandai Namco will pursue forms of entertainment outside of the video game medium. Anyone remember the 1980s Pac-Man cartoon?

Bandai Namco Name Change
Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

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