Even though we're generous and sharing gamers, having more than one set of hands on our iPad gives us the shakes. But our anxiety will take a temporary backseat with the upcoming release of the atmospheric side-scroller Badland.

Set in a lush forest filled with dangerous obstacles, the goal is to survive your journey. Frogmind, the Finnish studio that developed Badland, released impressive multiplayer footage which has four players from different corners of the iPad entering their character into the game. Navigating through tough terrain with one-touch controls may seem a bit unwieldy, but getting the chance to sit down with your mates and tap away should be a draw for many iOS aficionados. Under multiplayer mode, it's also survival of the fittest, so pushing your competition into an unsafe place is actually encouraged. Badland's detailed and visually rich backdrops are also an added plus, and we'll definitely adding this to our iOS collection when it hits the App Store in March.