Awesome Games Done Quick may have been over too soon, but the impact of the money it raised for charity will be felt for a long time.

This year's speedrunning marathon for charity, Awesome Games Done Quick, finished this past weekend and now the organization has the numbers we've all been waiting for. Humble Bundle teamed up with the numerous speedrunners that marathoned games for seven days straight and together raised a whopping $1.54 million. This means that the charity raised $500,000 more than it did last year for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The Foundation focuses on cancer prevention research, education, advocacy and outreach programs nationwide. Being the only one of its kind makes it pretty special, and it seems that Awesome Games Done Quick agrees since this is the fifth time it has chosen this charity to reap the benefits of its marathon. Some of the highlights of the benefit include a broken record in inFamous: Festival of Blood, a successful proposal and some super intense Tetris puzzle solving.

You can check out all the awesome stuff that happened during the tournament over at the Games Done Quick YouTube channel and be on the lookout for Summer Games Done Quick in a few months.