Ubisoft's been patching up Assassin's Creed Unity since launch, but it's latest update doesn't just bring some fixes, it also unlocks a few things for players.

On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Patch 5 will be rolling out today in an attempt to fix the issues revolving around the, "'Find Leon' objective not showing up and the re-locking of weapon and equipment rewards after they've been earned," Ubisoft reported today on its Live Updates blog. All the content that has to do with exclusive initiates and the Companion App will also be unlocked, which include both the blue and the gold chests. While players will still be able to progress on the Companion app, they will be able to get the in-game chests immediately instead of having to complete challenges for them.

If you're wondering what's happening with the PC update for the game, it seems that you will have to wait until later this week when the PC version releases. This should help out performance, connectivity and general stability of the game.

Additionally, there are stability and performance improvements on Campaign and co-op, but also save game and progression fixes for the previously mentioned items and 'King Leon'. There will be updates to try and help out online matchmaking, connectivity and replication as well as gameplay in terms of navigation, fight and stealth. There will also be some issues fixed within the menus and HUD as well as the World and 3D.

Make sure to download the patch today, Feb. 18, for smoother gaming on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and hold tight for the PC update that will release tomorrow, Feb. 19.