Update: Stream's over, but you can watch the replay right here!

Tune in today at 3PM EST to check out our latest Sushi Stream. This time, we’ll be playing Batman: Arkham Origins from WB Montreal.

Rocksteady is gone, and in its stead WB Montreal has stepped up to deliver the latest Batman: Arkham video game. Set during the second year of Bruce Wayne's tenure as Batman in Gotham City, Origins pits the Dark Knight against the Black Mask, who has put a bounty out on Batman's head. The rogues are out in full force, and we've got to save Christmas in Gotham.

Every weekday at 3PM EST (12PM PST), Arcade Sushi Streams will play a recent console release live on Twitch. Stop by, check out the stream, and join the conversation as we play. If you happen to miss out, don’t fret. We’ll be posting the replay here as soon as it’s over.